Mel Fadista


Music is an absolute passion in Mel’s life. This passion was born at just 7 years old,
when he starts learning to play the piano. In 2015, he competes in The Voice Portugal,
reaching the top 10. Months later he starts his path in Fado, and at the age of 20 he begins to write his first songs, generated by the various references of the medium. In 2016, the year he started singing Fado, he won 1st place at the Grande Noite do Fado de Santa Maria Maior, at Coliseu dos Recreios. He is a regular presence in the most prestigious fado houses in Lisbon, such as “O Faia” and “Sr. Wine”, where she was a fixed cast member of both houses.

And today you can find her in the most varied fado houses in Lisbon, such as: “Clube De Fado”, “Canto Da Atalaia”, “Tasca do Chico”, “Fama D’Alfama”, “Lisboa Em Fado”…She also scored presence at events such as Santa Casa Alfama, NOS Alive and with international passages such as the Caixa Fado Festival in Luanda.

In 2017 she also begins to integrate the project “Tasting Fado”, at Teatro Tivoli BBVA, which runs until today. In 2018, she was invited for the first time to sing at the presentation of Orquestra Geração’s album, at Lisbon City Council.

She has already released two Singles – “Pista De Dança” in October 2022 and “Promessas” in March 2023 – with lyrics and music of her own composition, and the release of her EP is expected later this year.

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