Ricardo Rocha

Unanimously considered the safest value of Portuguese guitarists, Ricardo Rocha is a true musical talent.
He started playing the Portuguese guitar at the age of eight as a self-taught person, observing what his grandfather, the great guitarist José Fontes Rocha, also did, and piano at the age of sixteen, having composed pieces for harpsichord, guitar, violin and viola, but the Portuguese guitar continued to be part of of your studies. Hence, he performs with remarkable perfection, the repertoires of some masters such as Carlos Paredes or Pedro Caldeira Cabral.

He participates in the Guitar Festival organized by EXPO 98, achieving great success. Of the participations in discographic works, at this stage, the recordings on the CD “Senhora da Lapa” and “Luz Destino” stand out, which include original themes by the guitarist.
In 2001, he participated in the event “Um Porto de Fado” promoted by Porto 2001, in the cloisters of Convento São Bento da Vitória.

Also passionate about contemporary music, Ricardo Rocha mentions composers and performers from the 20th century as his main influences, such as Glenn Gould, Steve Reich, Schonberg and Keith Jarrett, whom he considers “very special artists”, but retaining a distinct admiration for Bach, because, for him, it was true genius.

In May 2003 he released his first solo album, “Voluptuária”. For this album, considered the best album of instrumental music, he received the Carlos Paredes Prize (2004), awarded by the City Council of Franca de Xira, having been invited in September 2003 to present his album at the New Jersey Performing Arts Centre.

He also released “Tributo À Guitarra Portuguesa” in 2004, accompanied by Paquito, on the fado viola. The album was part of the collection “O Fado do Público”, launched by the Público newspaper.
Received the “Revelation Award Ribeiro da Fonte (2004) in the “Music” category, awarded by the Ministry of Culture.

In 2006 he received the Amália Rodrigues Award for “Best Portuguese Guitar Interpreter”, awarded by the Amália Rodrigues Foundation. In 2009, the double CD “Luminismo”, with original themes and others by Carlos Paredes. In 2014 he released his album “Resplandescente” where he performed pieces he created for a quartet of Portuguese guitars.

Ricardo Rocha has performed solo in various venues in Portugal and abroad, having also accompanied in shows all the top names in Fado, from Amália Rodrigues to João Braga or Carlos do Carmo.
He thus divides his activity between fado houses and shows for which he is constantly requested.

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