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We attend various types of events where showing Fado to your guests will surelly provide special and unforgettable moments at your ceremony. We can welcome you and your guests in our space or we can either bring Fado to the place you prefere, regardless of your choice, we guarantee you an event of artistic and musical excellence. See our suggestions below.

In Our House

Let us welcome you into our home and prepare an event like you've never seen.

Fado Concert

One or more Fado singers + Portuguese guitar + classic guitar will make your event a real Fado show! We provide your guests with a memorable Fado experience where the heart and soul of the portuguese culture became tangible.


Why not provide your event with special and typically Portuguese sounds? One or more Portuguese guitars, together with classic guitars, create a unique and unforgettable moment.


If you are looking for an event that fully meets your will, you can also count on us! We can create a show in our house, especially concebed for you and your guests.
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In Your House

If you want to do an event in a specific place, such as your home, business place or another location, we also have the solution: we take Fado to you!

Fado House

One or more Fado singers + Portuguese guitar + classic guitar. Regardless of the place you choose to hold your event, we stage an intimate and welcoming atmosphere, typical of our Fado.


If you prefer to have a private portuguese guitar concert, or just to provide as ambient music typical portuguese sounds, we´ll make sure that is exactly what will happen in a unique and memorable event.


Want to do a one-time event? We can customize a show to suit you! Just tell us what you want na don´t worry, we'll take care of everything!
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Fill your event with beauty and emotion
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