Jaime Santos Junior

Born in Lisbon in 1957, he began learning fado alongside his father, one of the best and most famous guitarists of all time: Jaime Santos. It was 1965. Later, in 1976, he began a career as a professional musician, always performing with his father until his death in 1982.
he enters the Academy of Music Amateurs, studying under Professor Piñero Nagy. He finishes the General Guitar Course in 1984.

On May 29, 1992, in the name of his father, he receives the Medal of Cultural Merit from the Portuguese Government, the first and only one to date to distinguish a Fado guitarist, in a ceremony that took place at the Teatro Nacional de São Carlos during a show by Joao Braga.

Over the last 40 years, Jaime Santos Júnior has participated in recording sessions for albums, radio or television by almost all the great names in Fado, along with countless performances, solo or in accompaniment, on national and foreign television stations, as well as hundreds of concerts in and out of Portugal. outside Portugal.

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