Born on June 29, 1941, in the parish of Graça, in Lisbon, he was baptized with the name of Rodrigo Ferreira Inácio.

At the age of 18, he was invited to be part of a musical group called “Os Cinco Reis”. This group achieved great success in the early 60s, having participated in many live television programs. He records a successful album (“O Pepe”), performing in many venues in Lisbon and beyond, where the then famous “Passatempo para Jovens” stands out.

At the age of 21, he feels the need to learn something else that will help him cope with life. So he goes to France to learn the French language. On the eve of leaving for Paris, he decides to throw a farewell party with some friends, spending the night doing what is usually called visiting the “little chapels”. They ended the night in a fado house in Alcântara, the old “Cesária”, a place where he had never been. As he integrated himself into that environment, not being exactly a fan of fado, he felt something very strong in that room, asking himself: “What phenomenon is this so strange, that causes everyone present to transform when they hear the playing of a guitar? accompanying any voice, no matter how hoarse it may be, and feel that in everything you feel and hear, there is a lot of Portugal?”.

Urged on by friends, he decided to participate in that fado environment by singing the only fado he knew, as it was very fashionable and heard it often on the radio: “Biografia do Fado”, made famous by a great Fado master: Carlos Ramos. As soon as he finished singing, he sat down, because he didn’t know any more. Of those who heard it, nobody wanted to believe that that affable and polite young man was unaware of other fados, and even more so, that it would be the first time he had sung it. After many explanations (everyone wanted to hear him sing more), they believed him, because they felt they were speaking the truth.

This incident scarred him for life. Back in France, much to his surprise, the moment he most remembered, in addition to the longing he felt for his family, was that magical fado moment.
At the age of 26, he returned to Portugal for good and recorded his first album, “The Last Toirada Real em Salvaterra”. Although he recorded it as an amateur, the album was hugely successful, as were the albums that followed. It was then that, at the age of 30, he turned professional, leaving his position as Managing Partner of a well-known graphic publisher to dedicate himself exclusively to his passion: FADO.

Although born in Lisbon, he is known as the “fado singer of Cascais”, where he has lived for about forty years. For 31 years he owned “Forte D. Rodrigo” – one of the most famous Fado Houses in Cascais.
This explains the fact that his name has always been linked to Cascais, as evidenced by numerous articles written in publications in many parts of the world, which would lead the Municipality of Cascais to distinguish him with a medal of merit, thus becoming the to be part of the Council’s notables.
His discography has thirty-eight long-term works, most of them gold or silver discs, of which his most recent work entitled «Marés de Saudade» (November 2002) stands out. Promoter of the Lisbon song throughout the world, RODRIGO has represented our country countless times in international competitions, always doing it in an honorable way, where the following participations stand out:

  • First centenary of the City of Johannesburg – South Africa
  • Festival Autour du Monde-Casino Monte Carlo – Monaco
  • Festival del Sol – Trujillo, Spain
  • Gala Dinner in Honor of US President Jimmy Carter, in Washington
    For all this, he was not surprised to be distinguished by the Senate, with the Diploma of Appreciation for his cultural contribution to the people of the State of Rhode Island, in the United States of America.

During his 40-year career, he has performed in different concert halls and television channels across the five corners of the world. Examples: Spain, Germany, France, Canada, United States of America, Brazil, Venezuela, Africa, etc.

Currently, RODRIGO is, without a doubt, a rare case of popularity and sympathy, rewarded by the admiration, affection, respect and friendship of the entire Portuguese people.

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